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The Laser and Anti-Aging treatments offered in our clinics are not done like any ordinary spa. We take pride in our innovative clinics which are fully equipped with the latest technology for your skin and facial treatments.

Revitalizing gloomy and dull skin into a healthy complexion. Try our best laser facial treatments.

Skin Rejuvenation

We offer several treatments for everyone regardless of your age. It is ideal for a complexion, elimination of pores, dull skin and treatment of fine lines.

Skin Tightening

Revitalizing your facial collagen is recommended for those who want to boost their facial elasticity and vitality which slows down at the early age of 25.

Non-Surgical Facelift Treatment

Ideal for stimulating and toning your facial muscles for immediate and lasting results. It is a natural facial sculpting treatment that enhances and brings volume to your complexion.


Redefine your complexion and restore your youth while reducing wrinkles, fine lines, age spots sagging, and dull skin.

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What Treatment is the Best for YOU?

We will give you a glance of how remarkable your skin can be when you choose methods that are designed to provide the best results within a short period of time. Whether you choose to have perfectly, smooth skin or if you choose to try one of our advanced skin treatments, you will enjoy a complimentary skin diagnostic based on your skin type, your daily routine and your way of living, with absolutely no obligation.

We offer a variety of laser treatments personalized to YOU.

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Medical Facial treatment.

Experience Our Revolutionary Facials Treatments Using the Latest Collagen Remodeling Technologies

OUTSTANDING RESULTS with immediate visible improvement to skin tone, wrinkles, and fresh and glowing appearance.

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The Advantages of Anti-Aging Facial Treatments

Many women are looking for that one magical treatment or product that will eliminate the signs of aging and restore their glowing youthful complexion. When referring to anti-aging, at Canada MedLaser Clinics, we customize a personalized treatment protocol combined with the most innovative technologies and products for fast and remarkable results.

Our anti-aging treatments help stimulate your body’s natural collagen production, which tone the skin, and eliminate sign of aging , while we boost your complexion with skin care products and cosmetic injections, giving you smooth, healthy and youthful skin.

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How do we make you look and feel younger?

Removing Wrinkles

Using skin resurfacing treatments as CO2, chemical peels and skin care products you will see a fast decrease of wrinkles

Eliminating Dullness

Using light and laser technology, chemical peels and rich masks we restore your facial glow and shine

Non-surgical Facelift

Using efficient muscular training technologies and hydrating masks we help to restore your firm and toned look.

Skin rejuvenation

Using skin treatments as laser, Red Light and skin care products you will see a great improvement in your skin complexion.

Skin Diagnostic and Analysis

A comprehensive consultation is an important step for your treatment. Canada MedLaser Clinics professional licensed medical estheticians will analyze and evaluates your skin type, your skin condition your daily regimen and your medical history. We address any concern that you have such as acne, wrinkles, sun damage, rosacea, skin dehydration, and poor skin elasticity.

Together you will build the best and most effective treatment protocol for best and quickest results. All you need to do is call us and our consultants will take care of your skincare needs and concerns upfront.

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SkinCare and Anti-Aging Treatments in Toronto

By selecting the most reliable, innovative and safe treatments, and using the most advanced technologies and products Canada MedLaser can insure your complete satisfaction.

We invest in a professional team of physicians, registered nurses and certified medical estheticians, and believe that an education and personal development is the key to our success. Providing all the tools needed for excellency, benefiting our clients, and creating an empowering experience that allows us to stand behind our guaranteed results.

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